Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

A missing tooth doesn’t just look bad but also compromises our capacity to chew food properly. As a result the job is performed by the other teeth, thus overstraining them and their associated muscles. A missing tooth’s sapce is occupied by the neighboring tooth over a period of time. This results in tilting of the tooth in an abnormal way thus comprmising its integrity . Hence it is desirable that a missing teeth must be replaced . At our clinic we offer a wide range of solution to this dilemma . The choices depend upon patients desire and also on the feasibility of options with patients particular condition. A few options are discussed below :-


A dental bridge is a fixed replacement for the missing teeth(s). The bridge either could be of metal, porcelain fused metal or the metal-free (all ceramic). Once fabricated the bridge is then cemented into position and functions as normal teeth.

A bridge takes support from natural teeth or implants, placed on adjacent sides of a missing teeth. The healthy, natural teeth are prepared and impressions (measurements) taken and sent to the lab. The lab fabricates the bridge as per doctors directions and the obtained prosthesis is cemented onto the prepared site.


A dental crown or tooth crown is like a cap for the tooth. It is shaped exactly like the tooth and functions similarly. Now, you must be wondering why a crown?

 Well, the main purpose of the crown is to restore the original shape of the tooth and give it some strength along with improving its appearance. We strongly recommend a crown for all our patients who undergo a root canal treatment!

At our centre we offer a plethora of variety of crowns. Starting from the very basic metal crowns (non- aesthetic) to porcelain fused to metal and completely metal-free crowns (cosmetic crowns).


A removable complete denture is fabricated when all the teeth of upper or lower jaw are extracted or are missing. Patient with such a condition of all missing teeth are called as completely edentulous.

The complete denture could be fabricated of resin or an alloy metal base which is extremely thin and light. Materials used in our labs are of highest quality, thus giving excellent esthetic, functional results & longevity.

The fabrication of dentures is a multi-stage process and requires multiple visits from the patients. We do recognize the efforts behind the multiple visits and work hard to make it worthwhile to our patients!

When one or more than one tooth is lost and patient desires to replace them with removable prosthesis, we can offer a couple of treatment options. Our options range from simple removable partial dentures to cast partial dentures (semi-removable).